Today I was busy in the studio. I wasn’t creating images for others, but rather, having my own portraits done. I really don’t love being in front of the camera, but I do really like this image of me! For those who don’t know, before my career in photography, I had a career in music. This is just an image that takes me back to my roots! Thanks for letting me share.   Read More
Aren’t snow days divine? Today I found myself with some free time to play and create. Here is one more bokeh image from today…Any guess what this is? Read More
This sweet 8 day old infant was a joy to photograph! Read More
Every year a wonderful family from my hometown has me come to their beautiful home and photograph their family. I this! The children dash out the front door to meet me and cleverly recall the games we played last year during their photo session. After the session, inside their home, I see the walls decorated with years of photos I’ve created for this family. I am truly honored to be trusted with the charge of creating their annual portrait. Thank you! Read More